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JMCC Scotch Marine Boiler
  • Hot Water Or Steam Boilers
  • Gas, Oil Or Combination Burners
  • Steam Pressure Up To 250 psi
  • Built In Accordance To ASME for Optimum Boiler Efficiency
  • Low Radiant Heat Losses
  • Furnace diameter optimized for complete combustion
  • "Off- the- shell" Boiler parts for easy and fast maintenance
Dry- Back Boiler "DB Series"
  •  DB3000 three pass dry-back boiler
  •  DB4000 four pass dry-back boiler
  •  Capacities from 10 to 800 BHP 
Wet Back Boiler "WB Series"
  •  WB3000 three pass wet-back boiler
  •  WB4000 four pass wet-back boiler
  •  Capacities from  50 to 1000 BHP
JMCC Biomass Boiler

Combination of fire tube and

water wall tube boiler

Fuels: Coconut husk, Rice hull, Rice husk, Wood etc.


JMCC Electric Boiler

Capacity : 50kW to 200kW

IHI Packaged Boiler Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Authorized Philippines distributor and nominated  contractor for installation
and maintenance of  IHI boiler in
the Philippines



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